Friday, 18 May 2012

What the hell'd I do??

Had so many options but why did I pick this? Why did it not turn out the way I would have liked it to? Did I miss out on doing something? Was it the system in place? Was it the people? Hold on, could it really be?

Ok, so I am gonna take you through my story from the time when I first started working through the time I graduated and right upto the time I quit Deloitte, the company I always dreamed of working for.Well, let me take you back to 2007, I was 17 years old. I was just like any other High school graduate, trying to find a great college to graduate from in order to get that dream job that we all have hoped for and studied all our lives towards.

When most of my friends from high school had found their way either into the perfect college or started working towards becoming an engineer, a doctor or a chartered accountant. I had chosen an unexplored path for myself, something that I somehow was confident was a great decision. I was not quite certain whether I should take 'the path not taken'. I thought to myself why don't I just go with my instinct and thats exactly what I did. I had decided that very moment that I will search for that dream job without having to graduate. I mean why graduate if I can find that dream job without having to do so.
At that moment it did not strike me whether it would even be possible, I mean looking back now, who in their right mind would hire somebody who was just out of high school and not even off the legal age to work yet. I went out their with just two skills, confidence and the will to say whatever 'I thought' was right.

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  1. Hi Akbar - Its good to hear your story. Waiting for your next post. :)

    (Your childhood friend)

  2. Thanks Abhi, don't need to remind me who you are, I remember. I thought id never get to finish, will make some time and post soon, thanks again for the encouragement..